2018 Christmas Party

To bring another great year to an end we held our Christmas Party  at the Gilfillan’s Cafe  on Saturday (08/12/18). First we met together at the shed for a chat and some morning tea. The atmosphere was great as always especially as there was plenty of nibbles, tea and coffee.  The conversation was non-stop and about a variety of topics including what they had done during the year and upcoming projects for 2019.

Lunchtime came and the men moved upstairs where

Raise your hand if you had a good time

more finger food and a delicious lunch awaited them.With an assortment of hot meats, roast vegetables, gravy and drinks for the main course and either pavlova or plumb pudding with custard and cream for dessert I am pretty certain that no one left feeling hungry.

A special guest made an appearance during the afternoon bringing a gift for each of the men. It was obvious that Santa had been doing some serious weight work during the year and that the reindeer’s would have to work a bit harder this year.

Thank you to those who help keep the shed going but also to ALL our members.

“The Penrith Community Mens’ Shed is not what is downstairs (the actual sheds), it is the men who come along each week, fill it with conversation, laughter, turn  perfectly good timber into sawdust, make lifeless machines come to life and make fabulous creations out of what others would only see as scrap wood. You men are the heart and soul of the Penrith Community Mens’ Shed and don’t ever forget it” –

The Penrith Community Mens’ Shed resumes for 2019 on Wednesday 10/01/2019

More photos coming soon.

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