Annual Shed Open Day

The second one is our Annual Shed Open Day on Saturday November 26th from 9:30 until 3:00. This has been a great opportunity in the past to open the shed up to our community and show them what happens. It is also an opportunity to raise money for our community projects. The past two years it has got bigger but this year not only do we want to show the community our shed we want to show them YOU. So this year our slogan for the open day is “showcasing what our men can do”. I am always amazed at the wealth of talent and knowledge that the men of the PCMS have and it’s time we showed it off. This year we will be having a Handyman Help Desk where you can talk to the fellas about your projects or ask for some advice.

So grab your family and friends and come up for a fun time at the PCMS Open Day. We can show you what you have been up to and you might even decide to join.


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