Members BBQ Photos

October 2016 Members, Family & Friends BBQ 


Allan thanking Ivan  ?????

It started off as a normal Saturday shed day, 9:00am start with the sound of the hot water urns boiling ready for the first welcome cup of coffee to be poured.

Not soon after the men had the sheds full of noise with the machines in full swing. No, no  noise just the so of the urn boiling for the 10th cuppa and the men catching up with their mates on what they had been doing since Wednesday.



The BBQ Boys

The morning rolled on, machines humming, urn boiling and men talking !!!!!!!!!  I mean working on projects. The fellas on the CNC macking were working out a radius problem ?????? while Arthur, Mick and Stephen goy stuk into tiding up the “BUNKER”  and the others went about doing their projects. Morning tea was great and the BBQ Boys put on Bacon & Egg burgers for us and they were delicious, just a sample of what was to come later.


The Lucky Women with Merv !!!

The Lucky Women with Merv !!!

11;30 came around and the “Family and Friends” arrived for lunch  and were they in for a treat. Minute steak, sausages, bacon, chicken kebabs and fried onions all prepared by the loving and skilled  hands of the BBQ Boys. After everyone had had their fill of great food it was time for the major lucky prize draws. For the men it was a set of six “Mustache” coasters made by the CNC team which was won by Lionel & Pam won the


Prizing winning Men

Prizing winning Men

Next we had 5 runners up with 3 wooden bowls by Doug, chocolates and a model car kit. These were won by (in no particular order)Pam, Dale, Robert, Stephen and John.

Thank yous were made, photos of Merv……….. with the winners were taken and eating continued. We had 29 people, great food and more important great companionship but it was time to turn off the boiling urns, clean up, pack up and go home. Thanks to the Robert, Lionel, John, Ivan and Doug for making the prizes, great job fellas. To Allan, Ivan and Mick for their tireless efforts at the BBQ, and of course to all our Members,Family and Friends who had today so special.






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