Website update incoming!

Hello to all Penrith Menshed readers,

Website updates will be happening from the 10/12/18 and website might be in maintance mode every now and then.

Projects and calendar will be updated soon to reflect the current events and projects happening.

Happy Shedding!

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2018 Christmas Party

To bring another great year to an end we held our Christmas Party  at the Gilfillan’s Cafe  on Saturday (08/12/18). First we met together at the shed for a chat and some morning tea. The atmosphere was great as always especially as there was plenty of nibbles, tea and coffee.  The conversation was non-stop and about a variety of topics including what they had done during the year and upcoming projects for 2019.

Lunchtime came and the men moved upstairs where

Raise your hand if you had a good time

more finger food and a delicious lunch awaited them.With an assortment of hot meats, roast vegetables, gravy and drinks for the main course and either pavlova or plumb pudding with custard and cream for dessert I am pretty certain that no one left feeling hungry.

A special guest made an appearance during the afternoon bringing a gift for each of the men. It was obvious that Santa had been doing some serious weight work during the year and that the reindeer’s would have to work a bit harder this year.

Thank you to those who help keep the shed going but also to ALL our members.

“The Penrith Community Mens’ Shed is not what is downstairs (the actual sheds), it is the men who come along each week, fill it with conversation, laughter, turn  perfectly good timber into sawdust, make lifeless machines come to life and make fabulous creations out of what others would only see as scrap wood. You men are the heart and soul of the Penrith Community Mens’ Shed and don’t ever forget it” –

The Penrith Community Mens’ Shed resumes for 2019 on Wednesday 10/01/2019

More photos coming soon.

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2016 Shed Open Day Photos

I finally got the photos up on the site from the 2016 Shed Open Day. I would like to thank Stephen for these, they look GREAT. Click on this link to go directly to the page

Shed Open Day Photos


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Shed Open Day this Saturdsy

Saturday November 26th 10:00am – 1:00pm

It’s only 2 days till the Penrith Community Mens Shed hold their 3 Annual Open Day. This year we are showcasing our men and what they have been doing this year including our one man wooden canoe, you have to see this, it is a piece of art.

There will be demonstrations including toy making, drink coaster with your name being made, a child’s outdoor setting being made and auctioned, wood turning and more. We will have a Bargin Table with some great deals for sale at great prices. The men will also be displaying some of their personal projects including matchstick art, gliders, toys, clock making and more.  Throughout the day we will be auctioning off some great items donated by our sponsors so make sure you bring your money with you.

There will be good food as usual including the PCMS sausage sandwiches, cold drinks, Devonshire Teas, hot drinks and meat pies (donated by Sargent Pies) so make sure you bring your appetites with you. The day kicks off at 10:00am with the first auction schedules for 10:30.

All monies raised on the day help to keep our shed running, provide a safe and enjoyable location for the men of Greater Penrith to come to weekly and to continue our community service/projects, so please get behind this GREAT organisation this Saturday.

Penrith Community Mens Shed …….. where mateship is guaranteed.

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Continued support even when time are tough.

Even with the economic climate not the best it is so encouraging when we continue to get businesses supporting the Penrith Community Mens Shed. This year has been no different with the following companies/Organisations donating to our upcoming Shed Open Day. The vouchers/products will be auctioned off during our shed open day on Saturday November 26th between 10am and 1pm so make sure you come along for some GREAT deals. This money will be used to help with community projects throughout 2017.

  • Australian National Maritime Museum


    Gift voucher and hamper from Outback Steakhouse Penrith

  • Trainworks
  • Whitewater Stadium Penrith
  • Calmsley Farm
  • Nepean Belle
  • Sydney Tramway Museum
    • Outback Steakhouse Penrith
  • Sargents Pies
  • Featherdale Park
  • Bunnings Warehouse North Penrith
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Members BBQ Photos

October 2016 Members, Family & Friends BBQ 


Allan thanking Ivan  ?????

It started off as a normal Saturday shed day, 9:00am start with the sound of the hot water urns boiling ready for the first welcome cup of coffee to be poured.

Not soon after the men had the sheds full of noise with the machines in full swing. No, no  noise just the so of the urn boiling for the 10th cuppa and the men catching up with their mates on what they had been doing since Wednesday.



The BBQ Boys

The morning rolled on, machines humming, urn boiling and men talking !!!!!!!!!  I mean working on projects. The fellas on the CNC macking were working out a radius problem ?????? while Arthur, Mick and Stephen goy stuk into tiding up the “BUNKER”  and the others went about doing their projects. Morning tea was great and the BBQ Boys put on Bacon & Egg burgers for us and they were delicious, just a sample of what was to come later.


The Lucky Women with Merv !!!

The Lucky Women with Merv !!!

11;30 came around and the “Family and Friends” arrived for lunch  and were they in for a treat. Minute steak, sausages, bacon, chicken kebabs and fried onions all prepared by the loving and skilled  hands of the BBQ Boys. After everyone had had their fill of great food it was time for the major lucky prize draws. For the men it was a set of six “Mustache” coasters made by the CNC team which was won by Lionel & Pam won the


Prizing winning Men

Prizing winning Men

Next we had 5 runners up with 3 wooden bowls by Doug, chocolates and a model car kit. These were won by (in no particular order)Pam, Dale, Robert, Stephen and John.

Thank yous were made, photos of Merv……….. with the winners were taken and eating continued. We had 29 people, great food and more important great companionship but it was time to turn off the boiling urns, clean up, pack up and go home. Thanks to the Robert, Lionel, John, Ivan and Doug for making the prizes, great job fellas. To Allan, Ivan and Mick for their tireless efforts at the BBQ, and of course to all our Members,Family and Friends who had today so special.






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It’s On Tomorrow

Our last Members, Family and Friends BBQ is on tomorrow Saturday 8th October 11:30-1:30. It’s Bathurst weekend so I have dragged the PS2 out and given it a dust down ready to challenge anyone who feels brave. There will be good food and great people and you can have a look around the shed to see what has been happening.

There will also be luck draw prizes and depending how close you get to me in the big screen racing you might even get a runners up prize. :>}

See you at the Penrith Community Mens Shed.   Where mateship is guaranteed.

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Annual Shed Open Day

The second one is our Annual Shed Open Day on Saturday November 26th from 9:30 until 3:00. This has been a great opportunity in the past to open the shed up to our community and show them what happens. It is also an opportunity to raise money for our community projects. The past two years it has got bigger but this year not only do we want to show the community our shed we want to show them YOU. So this year our slogan for the open day is “showcasing what our men can do”. I am always amazed at the wealth of talent and knowledge that the men of the PCMS have and it’s time we showed it off. This year we will be having a Handyman Help Desk where you can talk to the fellas about your projects or ask for some advice.

So grab your family and friends and come up for a fun time at the PCMS Open Day. We can show you what you have been up to and you might even decide to join.


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Cancer, it affects us all – UPDATE

Firstly I wish to thank everyone for their support to Team Adlington whether by messages or donations. So far we have raised $2140 for the Lung Foundation Australia what a great effort by you all.

Before the Walk

Before the Walk

It was a great day especially having my family around me. I couldn’t get over the number for people that were at the event (33000+) and the great atmosphere. Serious runners mixed with the not so serious but everyone was there to have a great time and

Robyn and Scott powering on

Robyn and Scott powering on

to help out their favorite charity. We set off around 9am and it wasn’t too soon after that my worst fear was realised …

Jess, always with a smile

Jess, always with a smile

….. I was overtaken by a pram.Across the bridge and approaching the Cahill Expressway  Team Adlington was immortalized in the underpass exhaust covered wall.

Team Adlington

Team Adlington

On to the Cahill Express way and we were greeted with a fantastic view of Circular Quay and the Opera house.

What a view

What a view

Almost home and I must admit I was starting to struggle with my breathing and a bit of disorientation but no sooner had I started to slow down my family were there giving me moral support and Jess provided me with some miracle water. A minute or so later everything was better and we headed for the finish.

We crossed the finish line in 59:36, no record breaking time but we did it and what was more special for me was that we did it as a family. Thanks to everyone again for your support and you still are able to donate clicking here.




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Cancer, it affects us all.


My name is Merv Adlington and I’m the Acting Chairman of the Penrith Community Men’s Shed. In March this year I was diagnosed with a suspect mole on my left shoulder which I had surgically removed. 2 weeks later I was informed that it was a stage 4 advanced Melanoma cancer. After hearing the word cancer I didn’t hear too much more. Another couple of weeks later I saw my Medical Oncologist who informed me that it had traveled to my lungs, was inoperative and finished his statement with the word TERMINAL, 1-3 years.

A lot has happened since that visit including having the cancer spread to my liver and most recently to my brain. The outlook seems rather bleak and very uncertain for not only me but my family. I have a wonderful loving wife and family who are dealing with the disease alongside of me and who without their love, support and encouragement I don’t know where I would be at this moment. The title of this post says “Cancer, it affects us all” and truer words couldn’t be said. It affects the person with the disease as well as family, friends and mates around them. Shock, tears, confusion, disbelief, anger, emotions going wild, times of wanting to just be alone and try to forget about it, planning for the future and so many more…….. and this goes on every day, all day. When I come into a room with family or friends and the conversation stops or people don’t talk to you because they don’t know what to say, your family conversations center around the cancer, treatments and future plans and not what has been going on that day with the family, these are some of the ways that cancer affects us ALL. I’m so fortunate as I have already said to have a fantastic family, church family, and my mates at the Penrith Community Mens’ Shed who make things bearable.

So what can we do about this? At present there is no cure for my illness but that doesn’t mean that the future is without hope for future sufferers of cancer. Doctors around the world are working tirelessly searching for a cure and who knows, it could be just around the corner. But what about NOW. For a cure to be found money is needed for research and trials and this is where YOU can help 1000’s of people who just like me have a very uncertain future. On Sunday September 18th 2016 Team Adlington ( my family, friends and I ) are participating in the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2016 to help raise much needed funds for the Lung Foundation Australia. You can make a donation by clicking on the below link, send us an email of encouragement or come on in and cheer us on to the end at the Opera House stairs. If we all do a little bit, together we can change lives.

Helpful links

The Crown Princess Mary Cancer Westmead

Lung Foundation Australia

Melanoma Institute Australia

Melanoma Patients Australia

Cancer Council Australia

Nepean Cancer Care Centre


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